Problems with the Notes on the web interface

Dear Community,
one of my most used functions of the ecloud are the notes.
I currently have over 450 notes. I use the notes app several times a day and am quite happy with it. The most important thing for me is a very fast keyword search (<100 ms), which works great with the app (one small thing that could be improved: The searched word is highlighted within each search result).

Now to the notes web interface of (I use Firefox on Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon).
In short: The search function is hardly usable. If I want to search for a term in a note, I want to search for a term in a note, not for apps, recipes, files, comments, Deck etc.
This results in the search taking up to 1 minute! And sometimes only the txt files are displayed as a result, which is inconvenient when opening them.
Sometimes I also get an error message.
As a result, when I urgently need a note on the PC, it is quicker to send me the note by email.

It would be really nice if you could improve this.

Don’t know if it helps in your case, but I sync Notes with a local folder in my PC [ ~/notes ]. So grep -rn expression notes works fine for me.

To sync I use rclone bisync ~/notes edrive:/Notes

When configuring rclone with rclone config, choose the remote type “webdav”, the vendor “nextcloud”, and set the url as “

Ps: what bugs me a bit is the semi-automatic-maybe renaming of notes.


You can also use the Files app, navigate to the Notes folder, and search from there.