Product: eSIM[dot]me

Physical card and Android application for adding eSIM functionality to non-eSIM phones:
The company is:
TelcoVillage GmbH


13503 BERLIN

The app uses Google Crashlytics and Google Firebase Analytics, according to Exodus Privacy. (I suppose these could be blocked with a tracker blocker.)

Curious to hear others’ thoughts on this, whether you’ve used it or found a similar product.

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My main interest in this is the potential to get substantially cheaper international data roaming with certain carriers that only offer that by eSIM, by the way.

They say its available for android build… mean if it use Gsf or MicroG its not specified… I asked them… wait and see for their answer

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EDIT Feb03 = No answer… 2nd mail sent to them today

On Pixels at least the eSIM VM handled by EUICC requires Google Play Services at least for activation.
I personally cannot recommend use of eSIM for that reason.

Yeah, I’m not keen on the idea of eSIMs in general, but I was curious about the above product, as I’m starting to see very cheap offers for international roaming by eSIM, but not so cheap for physical SIM.

In any case, I wouldn’t use anything that furthers Google’s monopolistic aspirations.

Answer from Team eSim : …Find a compatible device, download an eSIM with it on the enable it,You can then move the to your non-compatible device… (mean buy the eSim/ activate it on compatible phone/ move it to the incompatible phone…)

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:rofl: As if everyone just had a compatible device easily available!

Thanks for chasing down the info, Mike. It’s an interesting product, but with some limitations, apparently.

Yes and thanks to you to post about it … I think its good product if you need it … I travel often and I have to buy each time a Sim with expensive data+phone package but frankly their price is expensive too for a virtual eSIM… The difference is that permanent but I’m not sure its a good idea to buy it for everyone

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Fortunately you can get a roaming package for an eSIM device fairly cheaply, so maybe the cost balances out in the long run. In the U.S., for example, the MVNO U.S. Mobile will sell you a 30-day package for as little as $4 for 1GB, $10 for $5, etc., but only for eSIM devices.

And you don’t even have to be a mobile customer of theirs; anybody can buy the roaming package.

I’ve used various roaming solutions in my travels, including:

  1. International SIM from Truphone with calls/SMS/data. [$$$]
  2. Local Vodafone SIM in Italy with calls/SMS/MMS/data. [$]
  3. Paygo roaming with Ting (an MVNO on T-Mobile USA) for calls/SMS/MMS/data. [$$$]
  4. A Vodafone UK paygo SIM, which I bought on Amazon U.S. (Haven’t had the chance to use it in EU yet). [$$]
  5. A Surfroam data-only SIM. Cheap rates, but expensive shipping. (Worked at home in the U.S., but haven’t traveled with it yet.) [$$]

Of course, for the more expensive options, I have had to carefully manage how much data I actively use and which background processes I allow apps to run.

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