Proton Calendar needs an update and won't work until


I’m using Proton Mail and Proton Calendar.

Both are in /e/ app store.

The version of Proton Calendar in the /e/ app store is no longer supported.

It’s impossible to update the app. And while waiting for an update, the app can no longer be used.

This is problematic.

Is there a solution / method / procedure for this kind of situation?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I face the same problem with a different app. Looks like the e store is nice and contains a lot of apps. But the update cycle is REALLY slow.

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Yes, indeed :

Proton Calendar in /e/ Apps = v. 0.19.0 (2021-04-16)
Proton Calendar in Play Store = v. 0.19.1 (2021-04-19)

So the latest version (play Store) is already a month old…

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I hope we’re not trading privacy with security by the way. :no_mouth:

Would love to see a resolution on this as well

So I am afraid there is no simple solution for that. As long as the update frequency in the standard store is as low… well…

A possible way around this would be to additionally install the alternative Google Store client “Aurora Store”. It detects all apps you have installed (even if they come from other stores) and offers the latest updates from the Google repository. You can also log in to the Aurora Store with an anonymous account and perform the update with it. At least as long as the apps are not paid for. You just have to know if this is important enough for you. I also bit the bullet and installed as many apps as possible via the standard store. But in the end, I couldn’t avoid using the Aurora Store in parallel because of a few apps (especially banking). Not so nice, but I can’t think of a better solution.

Just my 2ct.

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For me ProtonCalendar also needs an update.
Protonmail ist still working though, v1.13.28.

I think it would be great of thay put all there apps in Fdroid not just the VPN App. Also I couldnt find the Apks in there Website.

Only Protonmail has an APK and you can download the file here :

and ProtonVPN is the only app that 's available in F-droid (for now…)

I did that, and it works perfectly. Thanks!

Are you sure that the domain is a trusted domain? So the APKs can be trusted as well?


Unfortunately it is an issue with many apps in Apps that the provided version is pretty old.
Please, support this issue

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A “old” version in the Playstore isn’t the problem so far, it rather is an older version in Apps. Cause when you ask /e/ for an app and provide the link to the Playstore, /e/ just tells you the app is already available… without checking the version, sadly.

Proton Calendar is upgraded to v.0.19.1 in /e/ Apps, the ‘update’ warning isn’t showing up anymore :+1: