Proton Calendar not working?


Any of you having problems using Proton Calendar?

Since the last two app updates, it opens but then, after 15-30 seconds trying to load events, it closes without any crash detail.

Tried cleaning cache.
Any suggestion?

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No problem here, iā€™m running Proton Calendar 2.11.11

Iā€™m running 2.11.13

Not sure if the problem started with 2.11.12.
Is there a way to revert to a previous version?

Did you install it through the App Lounge?

I also have 2.11.13, all seems fine

Well, deleting and installing again the version available in app store solved the problem.

Thanks a lot

EDIT: Not solved after all :frowning:
After turning off the app and on again I have the same problem.
Any idea?

You can send a bug report in the app.

Today I received the update to 2.11.13, but no crashes here, the app runs fine.

This is the message I got from ProtonMail support:

Jul 5, 2023, 09:13 GMT+2


Thank you for your feedback.

Kindly note that our team is aware of the crash issue and we are working on fixing it as soon as possible, other users have experienced the same issue from their side.

In the meantime, as a last resort, you can go to the Google Play Store, search for the Proton Calendar app, and then go to ā†’ Leave beta to see if the application will be stable again.

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The last app update solved the problem:

Update the app to the latest version (2.11.15)
Clear local data :warning: this is different from clearing cache open present in Proton Calendar app. To clear the local data, user must go to Android Settings ā†’ Apps ā†’ Manage Apps ā†’ Search Proton Calendar ā†’ Clear Data (may vary on different Android versions/flavors)
Log in again

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