Proton mail captchaaa

Hi experts,
I was using the proton mail app with no problem.
But now upon log in it suddenly pops up with a warning “for security reasons please solve this captcha etc”…
But the actual ‘test’ doesn’t appear… in other words i’m locked out of the email account…
Isn’t captcha run by google?!
Doesn’t seem like proton is as privacy-focused as they say…
I’m using it within insular. Could that be an issue?

Any suggestions?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I’m having similar problems with a favoutite forum I (used to) regularly log into from a laptop, the only way I can log in now is to temporarily allow everything google, then the captcha shows up. As soon as I have logged in, which is now only when I desperately need to, I disallow google and after a few days I need to log in again, which I don’t do. Just so you know, it is a PITA!

Hello I use protonmail ( also. Not sure if it is a new thing but I never had that behavior. I also don’t remember that I needed to open something in TrackerControl, I don’t use Advanced Privacy.

On what version are you?

I am using Protonmail. Just tried logging out and back in (with 2FA) and no captcha showing.

(I also use Protonvpn, /e/OS Advanced Privacy I have disabled)

reCaptcha is run by Google, but i think (not sure) Proton is using hCaptcha

Uninstalled the proton mail app and reinstalled. Now the (h)captcha loads, and i was able to log in.

Ps: in the race to transhumanism, ticking the “i am human” checkbox is just another brick in the wall

I read today that Proton has developed its own CAPTCHA, the world’s first censorship-resistant CAPTCHA according to them :

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