ProtonMail and VPN

Have been using ProtonVPN and Mail on my Linux Laptop for a year. Works very well. The App Lounge has both applications. Anyone install these two applications and had issues?

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No issues here with Proton Mail, VPN, Calendar or Drive.

I have Mail and Calender with no issues. Getting mail notifications took some time to tinker (reinstall a couple of times) but now it works.

Thanks. I downloaded/installed ProtonVPN and ProtonMail from the App Lounge and all is working without a hitch. Being new to the App Lounge and /e/ OS would it have been more “secure” to download from the Proton website rather than the App Lounge?

Lastly if I were at some future time delete these two apps will there be some files remaining which will compromise my privacy?

So far I am impressed what I am experiencing with /e/ Foundation and Murena One.

Thanks again