Provide release notes for upcoming version in updater

Currently (at least in all versions from /e/OS 1.0 to 2.0) the updater informs about new versions and provides release notes for the installed version.

I would like to know details about the new version I am about to install prior to the installation because I like to be informed about changes and especially known issues before I install new software.

I know I can open the link to the installed software and navigate to the release notes of the latest version but that is not very user friendly and some users might not have found that option, yet.

I searched the forum prior to this post but did not find exactly this issue. I hope it’s not a duplicate…


There’s always development updates per calendar week here:

As well as feedback per software version where you can check for possible issues prior to performing an update:

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Indeed the updater does show the release notes for the installed version via<current>.

Once you arrive at that page, simply go “up one level” to

that is to see all published release notes.


Yes that are channels for enthusiasts who would like to know the latest news asap, but I am not that much involved with my smartphone OS.


Yes that’s what I pointed out in my original post in other words, but like I said: this is not very intuitive or user friendly.


Understood, I can relate to that.
Yet still, this is where you currently get to know…

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well, maybe yes, but look at it like this:

Developers will publish a new version only after testing and without known issues (that applies for stable builds especially).
That´s why they publish.

Anyways … issues do appear of course, sometimes they relate to rather individual configurations (which makes it harder to detect them beforehand), sometimes they were missed for other reasons.
Sh… happens.

I think integrating such a feature would be contradictory to the prior testing on one hand and on the other it would be rather complicated as it would require another extra feedback-loop and ressources … whereas the thread is there for everyone to read anyways.

I think this is a good idea. Most software has change logs where you are informed what has changed compared to previous version(s).
I don’t think it would be that difficult to include the text that appears in Release notes. But to include the known issues I think it’s much harder (since most are actually unknown-undiscovered). I don’t think that the testing team has enough time to do extensive testing on ~200 types of phones


My installed version is 2.0-t, the link takes me to the release notes of 2.0-s.
Release notes for 2.0-t exist, so this doesn’t even seem to work the way it should now.

I think as an immediate improvement they could simply change the link to