Public institutions may want to use /e/

A friend told me today that her department at a Dutch municipality had been switched from WhatsApp to Signal for privacy reasons. In addition, we know that:

  • the French government has made Qwant the default search engine
  • the EU has announced a 100 billion fund for developing European alternatives to the American tech giants.
  • both the EU and national ministries (France) are starting to adopt nextcloud

There appears to be potential here for /e/ to be marketed to public institutions. So let your governments and municipalities know!!
Also, as @cedricoola has posted before, it may be useful to advocate for this using a “European IT privacy ecosystem” - approach, where /e/ joins forces with Qwant and potentially others like Tutanota, Protonmail, ProtonVPN, Gitlab,,, Nextcloud, KIT Privacy Friendly Apps ( , and


Absolutely love this idea!!!