Puffin OS wants to compete with Android Go & KaiOS

Android Go based probably, it has an app store which only has PWA & is Google free probably. It will include only basic native android apps & the rest will work on PWA. The thing that is unique about this is that they’ve dedicated servers who get the PWA components & assemble them & then send that to the user which means faster load times but this invades privacy as they say that even encrypted passwords can be seen by them & all we can do is believe them which I don’t. They do say they don’t use proprietary software but don’t clearly mention if whatever they do is Free & I don’t believe that it will be, they use the term proprietary software in a way that it isn’t a locked ecosystem & users are free to use any web app they want. They won’t release it as a ROM but instead it’ll only be available preinstalled on a phone they buy in bulk & sell. If the app store is released as Free then that will not benefit them as they say that the cost of the phone which will be 80 USD covers 2 years of support for their servers & after that the users will have to pay to continue using PWA the amount hasn’t be disclosed yet which means after 2 years the phone is kaput if you don’t pay up which is planned obsolescence because the whole point is PWA. They target the next billion users, I believe they’ll exploit the data that they store on their servers or they’ll discontinue this project which again would mean planned obsolescence because it might be the next billion people’s first device with which they can access the internet. My hope is that they create Free software, support long term by not shutting down this project, the price to keep using the PWA after 2 years is affordable by the people whose first internet access point is this device, they don’t exploit the data of their users, they make their own device eventually, they inspire people to make more PWA & they’re in this for the long term. I might be wrong about them exploiting the data & them not creating & using Free software & I want to be wrong about that.

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On paper, even the mission of google is to “use” (our) informations to make it accessible and useful … what a noble soul they have…what would we be without them?!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(“to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”)

So, why puffin should be less?

They ALL work only for our sake… :flushed: