Push services not working

Hey there,

I’m using /e/ on my fp2. I thought long and hard whether to use microg or not (for the obvious small but hurtful “regoogling” reasons, but some apps really don’t work as nicely without GCM and push notifications. So I set it all up - and it doesn’t work. At least not for the apps I want it to work. I did the self-check, and the checkin. The phones also says it works, and a few apps registered. However, except for one app (the German “Tagesschau” app), those apps all seem to not receice any messages (and I’m sure they should have). Any ideas where the problem could lie. Or is it a simple fact of those apps not accepting MicroG as substitution?

Cheers for your help!

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To activate GCM there was an option to run the code *#*#2432546#*#* from the dialer pl can you try that.

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I had done this before, without success. However, now it seems to work, I guess doing the adb sideload workaround AND reinstalling the app I wanted to use did the trick…

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