PWA not adding to Homescreen

Hi All,

I have PocoF1 running e1.3

In all the time I’ve been running e on the device (2 years?), I have never been able to install pwa’s to the homescreen.

I use the app PWA url, I ‘install’ the app from the browser, the device says ‘added to the homescreen’ and then…nothing. No app on the homescreen or in the app draw.

Am I doing something wrong?



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Bump - anyone?

Now running e 1.6 but still unable to install a pwa to the homescreen; is this a known bug or behaviour?

Thanks all,


“app draw” - do you use something other than the default (bliss) launcher?

I can pin a pwa to the homescreen. Can you give an example url that it doesn’t work?