Query about supported file systems Cloud Storage

Does ecloud support Ext4 FS?

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the syncing App on your handheld runs on any of the filesystems its kernel can do. The handheld filesystem is irrelevant from the POV of the remote ecloud. Or did I miss something about the reason you’re asking?

A lot of cloud storage systems have now ceased supporting Ext4 FS. So say I am using Timeshift to create a snapshot of my Linux system. I upload that to my ecloud. Now, if ecloud supports Ext4 FS, no problem. If it stores in NTFS or FAT32 then that Snapshot could not be used as a restoration method because it had not been saved to a location that supports or is formatted to Ext4. This is not for me but for a Linux forum I help out on. I usually save Timeshift snapshots in my /home folder.

ok, understood. A bit to unpack: in ext4 mode, timeshift can use rsync with hardlinks to do incremental snapshots locally. Though the advantage of hardlinks saving space will not transfer via the webdav protocol to the ecloud remote, each directory will be transfered in-full.

While your local filesystem is aware of the hardlinks, there’s no way to replicate this to the remote via webdav and ecloud will only do webdav.

If you want to backup to webdav remote encrypted, deja-dup seems the easiest (cannot speak from experience though), as it has built-in webdav support and does its own deduplication. You could also do borg via davfs if you like to work in the cli.

My recommendation: copy the snapshot directory of timeshift (that is at best on a second drive) from time to time to a encrypted disk (luks) and give it to your best friend that is geographically closest.


Thanks for your detailed answer. Like I said, this was a question for someone else. Personally I’ve always preferred using the /home directory for snapshots. If saving to external drive the external drive should be formatted to Ext4. For system backups I use rescuezilla. If I’m doing a fresh install I just backup my /home directory including hidden files.