Question about copy/paste


Are applications accessing all history of copy/paste or just the last one ?

I ask for it after having read that Google added automatic backup of copy/paste to the cloud (Android 13 or T) to ease a copy/paste from one device to another connected to the same Google account.

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There is no such thing as a “clipboard-history” in eOS as far as I am aware,
so it is always only “the last one”

(Least it requires some effort (= an extra app) to achieve sort of a “history” for the clipboard)

And I would expect a feature like “clipboard-sync with google” being broken on a degoogled phone (?!)

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Well, but a “kill ring a la emacs” would be nice to have on /e/OS.

I use Simple Clipboard Editor - it allows editing of clipboard content and temporarily store it in notifications for reuse when needed

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