Question about Device Compatibility S9+

Regarding the supported devices wiki page, if the page for the Galaxy S9+ does not list a certain model number as being supported does that mean all models are supported? As an example the Galaxy S7 page lists a few “supported models” while the Galaxy S9 does not. Wanted to clarify how I should read the wiki before I shell out for a device. this is supported device

That doesn’t fully answer my question. For example, the unlocked version and the U.S carrier versions of the S9 have different model numbers, will either one be supported? The wiki isn’t clear which is why I was concerned.

check specs if they same it very high chance it will run /e/, why just not try?

I can certainly try, just didn’t wanna risk spending approx $200 and then have the phone turn into a brick due to incompatibility.

I think worst you can do its soft brick.

The model listed in the above link is the Exynos processor variant for Europe/Asia/Oceania etc. North America (US/canada) got Snapdragon variants. Not sure that this will make a difference though.

@Romey Ok, so that build not for you, dont install it, completely different processors.

The link above is form the LineageOS wiki and not the /e/ wiki; does that change the situation at all. I know /e/ forked from LOS but I didn’t interpret that to mean I needed to refer to another ROM’s wiki to check compatibility.

I think that might further prove my point of confusion though. If the wiki isn’t clear couldn’t there be potential for misunderstanding?

Valid point @Romey we will try to put in more elaborate wiki’s and additional documentation on /e/ processes and devices in the future.
For now to check if a device will work with /e/ you the easy way is to check if there is an existing Lineage ROM for it.
If there is then the task of building an /e/ ROM is easier.
If not then we will have to wait for a user to try building /e/ ROM’s for unsupported devices. This is also possible.

@Manoj purely a suggestion but perhaps once the version 1 of the product launches you could shift from a wiki to a nicely formatted webpage to check device compatibility. I think this would help laypeople better understand if their phone is supported (I presume the product is intended for mainstream users as well as the tech savvy). While their are those of us who can understand a wiki I think they are a bit too far outside for the mainstream still. Whatever happens I am still excited to see this project advance and grow.