Question about map API

As I understand it /e/ emulates or proxies google map API? How is that done?

As an experiment I made a simple app with a free google maps key that puts a pin on a map. The map is regular google map with zooming and all the normal features. On my normal android phone it works as expected. I was curious if it would work at all on /e/ and it mostly does! But with “mapbox” map and no dropped pin. The mapbox looks a lot like the google map and not OSM or other maps. Is this some proxy for google?

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Which version of the Maps API are you using in your App?
According to this … Implementation Status · microg/GmsCore Wiki · GitHub … microG only has Maps API version 1 fully implemented.

The status page also mentions a Mapbox build with better API version 2 support, perhaps that’s what /e/ use and what gives you the Mapbox map? Just connecting dots, I have no real clue.

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Yeh I don’t know either. I wrote this program a few months ago as a Hello World to try making an Android app again. I will have to go back and check to see what it uses. My guess is “the latest” whatever that is.