Question about Xiaomi Mi3 unlock

Hello everyone!

This is my first attempt at installing a custom ROM on a device and I’m honestly quite excited and scared at the same time. I decided to go with /e/ for privacy, and I ordered a Xiaomi Mi 3 since it’s a very affordable phone these days, so I wouldn’t feel too bad if I accidentally brick the phone.

Anyways, I have a question that I thought of asking here.

  • On a video I saw about installing Lineage OS on the Mi 3, the video says that I wouldn’t need to request for unlocking if my device is the Mi 3. I just wanted to know how true that is? Does that mean that Mi 3’s these days are all unlocked and I wouldn’t have to bother with requesting for permission from Xiaomi?

Thanks guys

If you’re talking about this phone :

LineageOS doesnt mention anything about unlocking the bootloader indeed

None sure what you plan to do with it, but that’s quite old and low specs
It could suit a kind of dummy phone with very limited usage though.

Regardless of the phone model, if you re not very confident in flashing it, dont rush it and spend some time looking through various howtos for the specific model

edit :

this howto mentions the need to unlock the bootloader, i dont know if this is accurate or just a generic doc

this one too :

Yes, you have to unlock the bootloader. That’s a must have for installing any custom rom.
The normal time for unlocking a Mi device is in the moment 720 hours. But with xiaomi tool v2 you can do it in 10 minutes. :smiley:

And after unlocking bootloader you can go this way

@harvey186 are you sure XiaoMiTool can perform the first unlock within minutes ?

As stated on product page :
Can I unlock the bootloader without waiting with this tool?

No, official unlock procedure cannot be bypassed, this tool just replicate what the official tool does.
So, the same rules apply: you have to bind your account to the device and wait for 15 days

After reading that I went back to the original Xiaomi unlock, maybe I should have tried it anyway ?

You’ll take no risk with unlocking your phone, and it’s mandatory :slight_smile:

I have done it some month ago with my brand new MiMax3 successfully

Thanks for your response!

Yes the phone is quite old. However I’m a very light user (browsing, chess, reading) that I’m not too particular about specs.

Maybe I will have to unlock indeed, but it’s weird that lineage makes no mention of it indeed.

Thanks for the alternative!

I find it weird that lineage os makes no mention of unlocking this phone model, and a youtube video said so as well.

Because it is standard. You must unlock the bootloader for EVERY custom rom.

Apprently got this answer from r/lineageos on reddit.

“MI 3 was released a long time back when xiaomi released phones without locking bootloaders. So unlocking process is not there.”

I guess it makes sense? This phone was released 2013 after all.

What is your screen showing when booting ? Is the a ‘unlocked’ on bottom of the first black screen ?
Are you able to install twrp via fastboot ?

Interesting thread on XDA :

To ensure, install ADB tools (you’ll need them anyway :wink: ), boot your phone to fastboot, and issue this command on you PC :

fastboot oem device-info