Question - app user data transmission - fine adjustments

Could anyone help me understanding what the different levels are of how apps access the Internet?

In a settings submenu there are toggles for each and every app to fine adjust (see below)
I understand what the toggles for Wifi and mobile data are. But the others…?

  • VPN data, I assume devices whether an app used an enabled VPN service or not…
  • What is the difference between background data and unrestricted usage?
  • What are the different level of user data that are being transmitted or not depending on the toggles on or off?

Thanks in advance.

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They are not related, so they do not compare.

  • “Unrestricted data usage” is the ability to bypass the Data Saver (note), no matter of foreground/background activity
  • “Background data” is the ability to use data when app is not in foreground (roughly : the app is not on display). It applies to some program fetching data in background, for example email, chat, … Of course the Data Saver setting is enforced in every case.

(note): the Data Saver can be turned on manually or automatically; when turned on only unrestricted apps will be allowed to use data. This is very useful for data-limited phone plans.

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Cool. Thanks so much.