Question before I installation

Do you use renewable power?

What software comes on your is and can I delete it if I don’t need it?

Is there an app store I can use before installing the os?

Wat we browser do you use?

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See and Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk.

Hmmm … there was a possibility to check the availability of Apps in /e/'s own Apps installer beforehand at , but it 404s on me currently. (@Manoj: Any work in progress?)

Other than that you can use other App stores with /e/, too, e.g. F-Droid or Aurora Store. You can browse the F-Droid catalog in a (wait for it … ) browser, and Aurora Store basically covers free-of-charge Apps in the Play Store. /e/'s own Apps installer combines those two sources, in a way.

See .
You can also install other browsers, of course.