QUESTION - Looking for a tool to automatically monitor online usage

Dear all,
I have a question not entirely linked to /e/ but I need your collective intelligence.
I need an online-time monitoring tool - ideally for /e/OS, or for Linux or even both and ideally open source.

I would like to use it to monitor the time kids spend behind their screens on a daily basis. Aim is not at all to control them but rather to make them aware on all the time they are behind screens.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

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I never used this kind of apps but in another thread sole people talked about App Manager or Usage Direct. Both are on F-Droid, so open source… But not online tool.
See: App Usage Monitoring

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Hi @ralxx having consulted with a 14 year old who has been the subject of “Google based” spyware to monitor his internet use – the immediate agreement was to do this with a real time hour glass, agree online time, allow a little discretion, but be prepared to say “time is up, and you already had an extra x minutes”.

This is time consuming; however I do not believe this sort of non-controlling guidance lends itself to mechanisation.