Question Redmi Note 9

Bonjour tout le monde, et merci pour le travail que vous effectuez pour nous rendre plus libre informatiquement parlant. J’ai une petite question concernant le redmi Note 9. Le modèle que j’ai n’est pas répértorié… Est-ce qu’il le sera ? A-t-il déjà été testé ? Puis-je tenter l’installation d’une rom pour Note 9 Pro répertoriée ? Modèle M2003J15SG
Merci encore une fois à toute l’équipe.

Hello everyone, and thank you for the work you do to make us more computer-free. I have a quick question regarding the Redmi Note 9. The model I have is not listed… Will it be? Has it already been tested? Can I attempt to install a listed Note 9 Pro rom?
Thanks again to the whole team.

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only unofficial builds to date, see this thread for more

User itsclarence linked a local_manifest that is an easy starting point to build a current unofficial. Also an older 0.15 build is accessible.

The repos inside the local_manifest see regular attention from PixelExperience, so I’d say it seems in a healthy condition - if someone will do community builds every few months it would be good enough™ short of having a Lineage or /e/ maintainer.

Thanls you.
I’ll take a look.