Question & request for Alarm/clock default app

Hello /e/people,

may I ask who is the maintainer of the alarm/clock app as default app ? (I guess the /e/ foundation but not sure)
If it’s the /e/ team, may we have the request for the timer parts having a better overview of all the timers?

I would find as quite good improvement if all the timers are visible on the display in one look, instead to have to scroll down and up to find the one we defined and need.
Something like any multi timer apps that we may find in android store…

Please It would make a better overview of it. (would avoid to use an other app for it too…)

Have nice day all, cheers

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/e/'s Clock app repository is forked from the LineageOS clock app repository. Looking at the git history. /e don;t seem to make any functional changes compared to LineageOS

I don’t believe /e/ would be interested in making functional changes as you suggest. Your best chance of getting the change would be to ask in the upstream LineageOS project. Good luck with that :wink:

Hi thank you very much for your answer.
Ok I will follow your suggestion.

But what does it means for /e/ team that it’s forked from LOS?
Is there some functional changes to be applied and the app will differ from original?
Are there no changes in app and is 1:1 from original?
Or are there only technical changes so that the app may runs on /e/OS but no further functional changes?

May I ask the /e/ Team (if they are interested on it) to make the suggestion on the LOS Team too in parallel?
If more people who gives the info, there is more chance to get it through, because of more interesting.
And i think if a team which use the original platform for making its own custom rom gives the feedback, then it may have more impact than just from a user one…

It means that they make a copy of the LOS code, and they then make their own changes to their copy.

From what I can make out, the only changes /e/ make are to change the appearance of the app: changing the background colour and the app icon. Thisis whatthey have done with most of the apps that they have forked (Message fork of QKSMS, Calendar fork of ETAR,etc.).

The /e/ developers don’t generally spend much time in this forum: their jobs are focussed around /e/'s gitlab where bugs are raised and fixed, and releases are planned. You could raise a ‘Feature request’ issue in theri issue tracker but I’m afraid I don’t think you have much chance of the team agreeing with or following up on it: they are too busy to be interested in implementing new ‘nice to have’ features, even if they agreed with the idea.

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