Questions about upgrade from Q to S on Moto lake

Hi /e/community!

My Motorola G7 Plus “REVVLRY +” is on Q and therefore stuck at /e/ 1.8.1.

I want to upgrade to S to stay current. I reviewed the instructions at but it’s not clear to me what the correct steps are.

Specifically I am confused as to whether I need to install the stock S ROM first, then upgrade? Wouldn’t this erase all my apps?

Or can I just install over my current version and keep all my apps?

Also it’s not clear to me what the recovery image is for (recovery-e-1.10-s-20230413279105-dev-lake.img).

Since this phone is my daily driver I can’t afford to screw this up.

Ideally I would like to upgrade and retain my apps & configurations. For example I have a gmail account set up in Bluemail that I use daily, however since google eliminated less secure logins I can’t add any new gmail accounts. I am concerned I will lose access to my main gmail account that’s working if I have to reinstall everything including Bluemail.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Especially if you’ve been down this road on a G7+ “lake”.


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When I upgraded my Pixel phone this way, I kept all my apps and information.

The recovery image is flashed to the recovery partition. It is a “simplified” custom recovery, that is more simple than the old school custom recovery, TWRP.

They should offer what is called ‘dirty flashing’ (sideload) where you can put the image over your current one, preserving your data. That is what is offered for moto G7 river. You shouldn’t need to revert to stock ROM. I migrated to S using that method. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to backup your essentials.