Quick Setting / Schnelleinstellunge [/e/OS v1.8]

Hello everyone
Couldn’t find any hints to this, so I’m starting an new thread. Hope I didn’t overlook anything.

I switched from a Sasmung S9 to a Asus Zenfone 8. On the Samsung the quick settings tiles are small and efficient. On the Zenfone¨the tiles are huge and with text. (screenshots below) I cannot figure out how to minimize the tiles on the Zenfone. Both phones are on /e/OS v1.8.

Would be grateful for hints on how to decrease the tile-size to display more tiles on one screen.

Many thanks!

Hello @debru what you are experiencing is less the difference between a Samsung and an Asus, but that face that apparently you moved from an Android 10/Q or Android 11/R version to Android 12/S. Since Android 12/S the manufacturer of the system (Google) has move to a new design.
/e/ has simply taken the system as it is and added /e/ specificities and removed some privacy relevant issues from the original version.
As far as I understand there is no way to change back easily those fundamental design decisions implemented in this version. Sorry (I am missing them too).

If you are interested in some more reading from when Android 12/S was initially published: Android 12 review: The biggest changes in years | Tom's Guide

Apologies for not having a more promising answer.

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Thanks @ralxx! What a bummer. And tom’s even mentions the “Quick Settings visual overhaul” as one of the key features. Guess I’m just not ready to fully appreciate that one yet :smiley:

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I looked a long time at sources if there is any quicktiles flag I could set to get back the compact variant, no dice. But you’ll find a lot of users asking :slight_smile:

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AOSP Mods (needs Xposed and Magisk) gives you at lest the option to have 4 rows next to eachother and customize a bit. I hate the new design too. 2 rows aof seven was ideal. A12 sucks in design.

I did a search for “andoid 12 annoyances” and of course the tiles is one. Usually the only way to change it to something similar to previous is to install some utility from Play Store or whereever. Bah!

The whole forcing a default browser and verified links thing also chaps my hide.

Doesn’t take long for folks to offer workarounds.

LinkSheet - replaces the url-app-chooser that was removed in Android 12

different Apps on the Play store emulate the pre-12 quicksetings look. They’re Ad-laden Apps that you’d grant wide ranging permissions, not a recommendation: Bottom Quick Settings, Power Shade, … - just to show commercial Apps are out there for it.