Quickcharge not working FP3?

I connected a Voltage/Ampere measurement tool between the FP3 and charger the voltage does not get higher than 5.6V. My Leeco S2 has Quickcharge also and reaches 9V, same charger. It seems it does not work. Anyone using quickcharge + FP3?

I get quick charging when I connect my laptop USB-C charging cable directly, but not when using a USB-C cable from the laptop to the FP3.

Charging from a laptop to any mobile is always slower then charging directly.

Well, I have experienced some issues with quickcharge. When I plug the official FP3 USB-C charger, it starts with normal-slow charge, but after some seconds, it toggle to quickcharge. But, when I use muy FP3 when it’s quickcharging, after some time it stops charging.

Maybe we must open an issue, I don’t know.

What kind of tool did you connect between your phone and your charger? QC 3 needs some communication on the data lines and if your measurement device doesen’t support passing through QC 3 signals your device won’t switch to quick charging mode. Increased cable resistance could also be an issue here.

Is there a scenario where fast charging works with the FP3? Like if you don’t connect any additional tools and use a short charging cable and a compatible charger?

I grabbed another charger, and that one does go above 5V, about 9V/0.8A so about 7.5W.

Could you share more information about which cable (also length) and which charger you are actually using?

Also, is this reproducable on stock ROM?

In general, I doubt that this is an OS issue as power handling usually happens on a hardware level.

I have a Quickcharge 2.0 charger, i was convinced it was 3.0 :see_no_evil:. “Xtorm by A-Solar Cube XPD11” I used 2 different 90cm cables. The strange thing is it starts with 5V/1.35A then it jumps to 9V/0.8A that does not make sense.

I know the kernel is also involved in the charging process. When the phone is off, and tou plug it in, the kernel boots.

I never used stock ROM so i don’t know how charging behaves on stock.

Nice to hear that your issue has been resolved :slight_smile:

Yes, that was not entirely correct. As far as I know, the kernel can control the charging circuitry, for example by setting max. charging currents etc. Protocol negotiation still happens on a hardware level though.

I have a FP3 and the official battery charger. To see the difference between quickcharge and “normal” charge, I used a usb condom. Results of the experience:

  • quickcharge (without usb condom): from 15% to 100% takes about 1h30,
  • with usb condom: from 15% to 20% after 3h30!

With condom it is quite slow, but that is because of the charger which regulates to much down. I have something similar: a selfmade plug USB-A USB-A without data channels that I can put in front of the charging cable. Then it goes about 12 - 15% per hour when USB2 standard 500mA is supplied.

What’s a USB condom :smiley:? 1,5 hours is not exactly fast charging… in my opinion. I now have Quickchare 3.0 charger but also about 1.5 hours to full charge.

It’s a small adapter that prevents you from juice jacking:

Keep in mind that the Fairphone 3 does not quick-charge to 100% capacity to prolong the life of the battery …

… so to measure the time it needs to charge to 100% doesn’t tell you how fast it quick-charges.

To use an adapter is not “normal”. This slow charge is a sign the adapter severely hampers normal charging. I only got charging this slow with non-USB-IF-certified cables and magnetic adapters …

Thanks for all the links.

Since it is easy replaceable, and the difference is not really big, i would prefer to burn the battery little faster when i get QuickCharge for it in return.

Only thing i’m interested in is time.

I think the Fairphone can do a little better on this point, especially since it comes without charger, it should not be picky regarding cables and chargers.

When QuickCharge 3.0 is advertised, it should not charge slow, that’s my opinion.