Quickly scan a Barcode

… or “Howto remap long home button press to any Activity”

I wanted a quick way to scan QR Codes. com.abast.homebot can register as assistant app and can map a long home button press to any activity. It’s a Kotlin App and comes in at 2MB but the gained utility is great.

The excellent BinaryEye or lean (700kb) Barcode-Scanner offer a direct Activity for the camera capture.



Use this one

Modify the link. I am not allowed to post correct links to f-droid…

Is /e/ scary??? :man_facepalming:

In OS Settings, Search assistant had to be set for long-pressing the Home button. That should trigger Homebot and the user choice, but HomeBot keeps stopping on 0.19-q on LG G5 h850. Anybody can confirm else?

… or an individual can make own evaluation from GitHub - SecUSo/privacy-friendly-qr-scanner: Privacy Friendly QR Code Scanner for Android

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(your reply made me realize this needs some screenshots for directions)

If Homebot itself keeps stopping with an error adb logcat will explain. Have you linked an Activity yet?