Qwant Maps - help sought in making list of improvements

Hello all,
i discovered Qwant Maps the other day. It’s quite a good alternative to Google Maps, but still lacking in several key points (navigation being the most obvious). I’m planning to make a list of features that are still missing + main bugs for it to be a full Google Maps replacement. Would anyone like to help? If so, please post your experiences here or PM me.
As a note: it does not have an app yet, but you can easily make the website into an app. If you want to find out how go here and e.g. search for android make website into an app

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First points that drew my attention:

  • GPS not accurate keeps jumping
  • No navigation software
  • When navigating a route just on the regular map (so without special navigation software that does not exist yet in Qwant maps), the “my location” marker does not move along with the route when you walk a route, it stays at the beginning point
  • allow users to toggle in the Setting whether they want yes/no for the app to immediately go to the location of the user (equivalent of pressing the “locate me” icon in the bottom right). Currently this is off, which is nice for privacy, but some like me may prefer it on. The reason I want this “on” is that when i search for a POI, I always get very odd locations all over the world, then I have to go out the search, press the Locate Me icon, and then go back to the search, and then the POI search results are relevant results close to me.
  • Add registration and login possibilities, for saving and synchronizing favorites and settings. Preferably using Nextcloud, so that favorites are automatically synced and saved to Nextcloud (or at least making sync of the favorites with Nextcloud possible).
  • When there are mobile apps, enable “Push location to mobile” and “Push route to mobile” via login/registration also
  • there is no directional indicator to show in which direction you are facing
  • it would be nice if the TripAdvisor reviews layer is optional. Also good for competition if other review layers could be added as well.
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