Radio streaming not possible / bug report on Gitlab not possible

Hi, i have installed v.1.6 on my Samsung S7.
After installation i have problems streaming internet radio.
The Wifi connection is unstable, but only after the screen is off with screen on there is no problem.

I tried many settings like battery optimzation off and reset Network, remove my phone from Wifi setting in the router and apply it again, update the router.
Now i updated to the 1.7 dev version, but there is no change.

It is also not possible to create a bug report in gitlab as they do not like my emailadress which is the same i use here with no problem.

Does anybody here has an idea how to deal with this ?


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The error message is a known issue !

Hi, i tried this and wrote an email to helpdesk , but no answer till now. Lets wait how long it takes.

Hi, Let me DM you to get more details of the issue.

I also have noticed that radio- or app-streaming stops, when the screen turns off. The question is still open: is it a thing of wrong settings or a bug in the OS?

Hi, if just the app stops - did you try to turn off the battery optimization for this specific app ?