Rainloop is Depreciated! Any Suggested Alternatives/Replacements?

Rainloop is the backbone of the Murena mail service. So this would be of some concern as the owner of Rainloop states this on the GitHub page. So what would be a good replacement

Now, I am a fan of the NextCloud Mail. So this would be my first suggestion as a replacement. As this would make Murena Cloud a complete Nextcloud instance rather than a email add-on to Nextcloud.

With that NextCloud also has Google, Dropbox, & OneDrive integration. So users would still be able to link, import, and export contacts etc…

Any comments? Any suggestions?


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The team is aware of this and is looking at alternatives including Snappymail


@Manoj Thanks for the quick response. I know there are many potential options.I am curious as to what the team finally settles on. I just think the NextCloud option is worth a look. :slightly_smiling_face:

A mail app for Nextcloud

  • :rocket: Integration with other Nextcloud apps! Currently Contacts, Calendar & Files – more to come.
  • :inbox_tray: Multiple mail accounts! Personal and company account? No problem, and a nice unified inbox. Connect any IMAP account.
  • :lock: Send & receive encrypted mails! Using the great Mailvelope browser extension.
  • :see_no_evil: We’re not reinventing the wheel! Based on the great Horde libraries.
  • :mailbox_with_mail: Want to host your own mail server? We do not have to reimplement this as you could set up Mail-in-a-Box!

@Manoj I still like the idea of NextCloud Mail. Of course I am all about options. Is this worth a look?

iRedMail - Open Source Mail Server Solution

Snappymail gets lots of nextcloud integration work atm, from a migration perspective it’s also an easy option to switch to and someone dedicated time to improve on the theming. The official nc mail webclient has a (financial) backing advantage though I guess.

@tcecyk @Manoj @smu44
If Snappymail is the way Murena wants to go, the thing I would point out is the developer himself says this is almost impossible to do alone and he needs help and financial backing. The link below you will find him stating that. Is this something Murena is willing to financially back and help with? If so, then great. Murena can be seen as having a more active role in the project itself. This could be to Murena’s advantage. However, as you stated, the NextCloud mail approach is already up and running and has backing. I am very curious to see which direction this will take.

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I’d wait from any feedback from team and/or @Manoj .

Running a new webmail client on Murena cloud is not only about features, but also integration in Murena infrastructure, security and integrity of servers, load (servers & network), ease of maintenance & support, etc.
Please be aware that it may take time before /e/ team come back with an answer, as they may be very busy on other tasks.

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@smu44 I am definitely aware of all those things. My intent was to give a heads-up. I know integration is an issue. That’s why I suggested the NextCloud mail as a solution as that may address those things. I’m just curious which way they may go, of course we won’t know right away. Just something I thought worth mentioning. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Manoj This may also be an option.


Take back control of your email with this easy-to-deploy mail server in a box.

Each Mail-in-a-Box provides webmail and an IMAP/SMTP server for use with mobile devices and desktop mail software. It also includes contacts and calendar synchronization.

The box also includes automatic DNS configuration when you let it become your nameserver so that it can set important DNS records for mail deliverability and security including SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and MTA-STS. When enabled, DNSSEC (with DANE TLSA) provides a higher level of protection against active attacks with other mail servers also running DANE TLSA. TLS certificates are automatically provisioned from Let’s Encrypt. (For more see our security practices.)

mailinabox and iredmail are a conglomeration of components needed for a complete mail stack - they actually have quite a bit of overlap (as has murena.io) in using postfix and dovecot as staples for smtp/imap/pop.

But I guess you really care about the user mail client interface and features with already synced contacts and file links+attachments - not how mail protocol software stacks can be built.

If you don’t want to wait on user web client decisions to use “nextcloud mail”, nc holds a list on providers you could check out:

@tcecyk I definitely want to support Murena, which is why I brought up the issue and giving options as well. And I am all about options for end users. Some users may indeed see this is something they would care to explore. So thanks for sharing this with others.

@tcecyk @Manoj
One thing I would like to mention is that I notice when using Murena mail is that having Rainloop integrated, there are two places for contacts; One resides in the Nextcloud instance, and the other within Rainloop. I think one of the reasons I suggested Nextcloud mail UI is that there would only be a singular location for contacts. So, the goal of the UI looking uniform is something worth looking into… I just think that one location, and one location only, for contacts would be for the benefit of all. So if that can be done in a different way, then please share. I would like to see and understand how that would work.

Another point would be that, if for some reason, the back end had to be changed again to a different email service, the end user experience would still be the same. The UI would be unchanged and remain familiar.

To be clear, this is not a slight towards the Murena team. What has been accomplished here is just amazing and no small feat. I am just a well intentioned end user trying to contribute by sharing their own observations and giving suggestions to help all of the community.

I just think that one location, and one location only, for contacts would be for the benefit of all.

absolutely! This is the drawback of using a non-nextcloud package. See this solution (that should admittedly be prefilled without any action by the user)

Snappymail has better file attachment integration with nextcloud, so look out for more on this:

Stay tuned?

The advantage of a separate webmail client that can make full use of imap features is in details. Nextcloud mail can’t do this yet, but Snappymail by virtue of other Imap search classes:

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@tcecyk Thanks for the quick response.

I agree with you there, I would think this syncing option should be something offered in setup to the end user. If not, somehow make new users aware of this from the start. Had you not mentioned this, I would not know this was an option. But admittedly, I don’t like the idea of having contacts in two places when it should simply be one.

Which service are you comparing Snappymail to; Nextcloud mail or Rainloop?

If Nextcloud mail uses Mail-in-a-Box or iRedmail, they both seem to have that covered…

Each Mail-in-a-Box provides webmail and an IMAP/SMTP server for use with mobile devices and desktop mail software. It also includes contacts and calendar synchronization.

As for the documentation you sent, thanks for that. It helps give a bit more insight.

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