Randomly, MMS are not sent

Hello everyone,

I’m using /e/ Q latest version (0.18-20210827132307) on my Galaxy A5 2017 (A5y17lte).
Since few weeks, i’ve got trouble sending MMS. Randomly, when sending MMS, they stay in “sending…” status and never got send. After a while (few minutes) they go in “sending fail, push to retry” status. If i retry, then it’s the same. I need to restart phone, then sending the MMS work again.

I don’t know if it can help but my girlfriend who is on LineageOS 17 with a Xiaomi Mi 9T (Davinci) has exactly the same behaviour. Sometimes it’s impossible for her to send MMS with the native app unless she restart her phone.

Empty the cache of the app is not helpful for both of us. We are both on ‘Orange’ network.

Any idea to solve this very annoying problem. I use MMS a lot and it happen almost everyday.

I’ve just created a ticket on gitlab here


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Are you using QKSMS (or /e/'s fork of it) as your primary messaging app? I’ve noticed that sometimes I can’t send a message unless the “Attachment Compression” is set to the default of 300k (annoying because it means I’m sending crap pictures to people, but I don’t think it impacts receiving).

I’m using the native /e/ SMS/MMS app. And my setting is already set to 300ko.

Try simple sms as alternative

A couple of weeks ago i tried to send a picture with the build in app. It was not sendt, so I hit the “retry” 2 times, no luck. Then I turned on the Wifi, and the picture and the text was sendt.
I wunder why.
I’m on a S9+ with /e/ preinstalled from e.foundation. Latest update 0.18-o-20210828132316-stable-star2lte

So you think the problem is related to the native app ? I will give a try to simple SMS and see if the problem persists ! Thanks

Really weird. I don’t understand the relation with the wifi…

I speculate: carrier mmsc endpoints are cataloged at apns-conf.xml, to fetch an image in an mms you’ll need a data connection (wifi or mobile). I think what happens when people claim “sending mms without data connection” is the phone maker implemented some control messages that made the device turn on a connection and off again when sending/receiving an mms with encoded contents.

In my case, my data connection is always ON.
I’m currently testing Simple SMS during few days/weeks and i will get back here to update the thread with the results.

did the mms message contents ever made a difference, did it stall on text-only messages, group messages or those with attachments?

qksms, the upstream of the message app, can have sending issues right up to the current 3.9 version, /e/ in 0.18 is at 3.7.10

can you check on moezbhatti/qksms#1743? they discuss size limits, compression and the relation to adblockers

i thik, this problem occur only with pictures. I left Simple SMS as i don’t like the app. I’m currently testing QKSMS (the official version) and it “seems” to be OK for now. I will be checking it again during the next weeks and get back here.

In the thread you mention, they didn’t seem to find any solution for this problem.