Ratelimit "to" exceeded

Hi all,
I am having a trouble in sending mail with “reply to all”. I have a server error indicating that 'Ratelimit “to” exceeded". I understand that there is a limit in the number of addresses in the “to” field, yet I am sending the mail to 14 people which does not seem to be an excessive number of recipients.
I have 2 questions:

  1. Is this a feature or a bug?
  2. What is the ratelimit for the number of recipients in the “to” field?

Please note that this is not a question about the "ratelimit “user” (ie the number of e-mails a user can send per day). I send much less than 50 e-mails per day.

Thank you for your help


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The maximum you can send on a free account is less than 5 in an hour. 14 at one go is exceeding the limit. You will need to get a paid subscription to exceed these rate limits.

Thank you for your answer.
I used to send at least to 8 People. Was the limit recently lowered ? Can you point me to a page where I can find the limits to the free account ?
Thank you

It was recently lowered after we had issues with spammers. We need to add it to a document.

Thank you again,

When you write about a “paid subscription”, do you mean any of the cloud subscriptions? (https://murena.com/cloud-subscriptions/))
Are there different ratelimits depending on the subscription? Again, is it possible to know what the different limits/options are for each subscription option apart from the storage space?

Best regards

You can send a mail to helpdesk@e.email for the details. They can guide you further on this.

Hi Manoj,
I have more or less the same issue. The error says:
This message could not be sent via the server E
reaction of the server was: ratelimit “user” exceeded
I would like to sent an email to 15 recipients. Today I wrote 1 email to t recipient.
I could receive e-mails. Just not sent them.

Would be great if you could help me
Kind regards

On a free account the maximum emails that can be sent would be about 4-5 in an hour. To exceed that limit you will have to go in for a paid plan. If you are already on a paid plan and unable to send more emails then put in the details to the help desk by sending the details here

Dear Manoj,
I did sent one e-mail that day. It is still not working today, two days later.
I would like to send one mail to 15 receivers (classmates).
Does that count as 15 emails?

kind regards

Yes that counts as 15 different emails. Each receiver is a getting a different email. If the mail has only 1 email ID in the ‘To’ that is counted as 1 email.

Hi Manoj,
The problem has not yet been solved. I unfortunately still cannot mail. The server reports this time: Matched folder: LOCAL_BL_FROM

I wonder what is going wrong here? Do I appear on a blacklist?
kind regards

I am watching this thread because my plans to now were to help my family migrate to murena email. But I have cold feet if we all will need to be paying customers to email 5 people at one time. I am still hoping the family plan payment option comes about that was talked about in the past. I am happy to pay the low cost for all members in this case but to try before we buy it seems it will be too restrictive. Probably I will just pay an be OK doing it but I can think of others that wouldn’t consiter trying murena email with this restriction to try it.

The response of e.foundation:
As of now, the free Murena email accounts have a sending limit of 20 emails per hour and 100 emails per day. When it comes to paid subscriptions, a premium user gets a limit of 40+ email per minute.