RCS messaging protocol

I read this recent article about the RCS messaging protocol:


Will a “de-googled” OS like /e/ support the RCS messaging protocol? Will there be RCS compliant messaging apps in the /e/ store?

I think this question is really to early asked. First, there are only some provider which will use this protocol in near future.
Second, e is still in beta and has a lot to do to get all issues solved.

I think, the e will be able to use that protocol sometimes in (longer) future and than the apps store will have these apps available.

This protocol is like UHD for TV, It will need a long time to be available everywhere

For RCS, it need a server and both two persons on it, so it will only work if you’re talking with another /e/ user.
And building a new server and a new message app is not the priority of /e/ project.