Read the time on my FP3 - How?

Hi, I was wondering how can I read time on my display without unlocking the screen?

When I’m looking at the screen it is full black (off), by pressing a button the pascode keys are displayed (no clock in this screen). I have to logg in to see the time.

My screensaver is set but The screen goes off before screensaver is activated.

By plugin the usb to charge, thenn I see the time on the screen (this is the screensaver)

How do you read the time? No I don’t wear a wristwatch. :wink:

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Check your setting in Settings - Security & location - Screen lock settings (tap the cog wheel icon to the right in the “Screen lock” line) - Direct unlock.

If I enable this on my phone, I get the behaviour you describe.
With this disabled, I can see the time on the lock screen just fine.


awsome! works fine now! Thanks very much

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Tedious and unintuitive behaviour. Ok, it also worked for me but why can I not just have the time displayed with “direct unlock” enabled? It’s a small thing but given that I unlock my phone 20 times/day that makes more than 700 unnecessary swipes a year!