Ready to go with eOS as daily driver, but which version?

After a long period of testing eOS on my old smartphone (Motorola Moto X Play), i’m ready to install eOS on my daily smartphone, the Fairphone 3+. So these or the options i have :

  • eOS Android 10 Q Stable build, but i don’t know if that is possible(?) because i have already Android 11 R stock ROM installed atm.
  • eOS Android 11 R Dev build
  • wait for eOS upgrade for FP3 and then go with Android 11 R Stable
  • wait for eOS Android 12 S Dev

What do you think is the best option?

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Before switching to /e/ I was using Android 12, and when I switched over to /e/, they were using Android 11. Going from 12 to 11 hasn’t bothered me at all. Hope this helps with your decision.

Hi @MRTN perhaps your options amount to

  • Safe – or how predictable is that?
  • Available
  • Wait
  • Wait

I never had a device with a stable build offered so I am like the sucker who always orders #2 on the wine list. :slight_smile:

I made a test with my klteduos first (Samsung S5 duos)
I previously had lineage-18.1-20220612-nightly-klteduos-signed (Android 11) installed.
I got stuck in /e/ setup after installing via TWRP.
So I recovered an older installed based on Lineage 17.1 and after that reinstalling went through witout any problems.

So I’d prefer to take the higher available release to avoid such problems. I can also save one upgrade from Q to R.

I would have to do an upgrade from lineage 18.1 to 19.1, cause actual release is running out of updates.
Thus I want to do a greater step changing to /e/

I’used unofficial released of cyanogen and lineage on several devices without noticable problems - so I’m very optimistic with dev-release :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.

I think I’m going to stick with Android 11 to avoid problems, so first the dev-release for a few months and then the stable when it 's available.

Switching the release channel usually will require a new install including a data wipe.

I know, but that isn’t a problem for me. :+1:

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OK, I’ve installed like described in Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP3/3+ - “FP3” but I kept the bootloader open.
Setup worked fine, I learned that I can install TWRP after booting into TWRP temporarily from download mode.
I also could root the phone via Magisk-v21.1 - but I prefer the old installation mode - installation from TWRP. I didn’t want to fiddle around with files to patch.
I used the system after setup for almost one day, installed NetGuard. System worked fine so far.
But I had problems when I wanted to install bought apps with my google-play account. I primarily struggled with Titanium backup - a tool I use since 2015. I’ll wait for an answer from the developper - I won’t do another attempt before.
I also find that I need good alternatives for bought apps or a pay-model like netguard. I’m willing to pay for good software!
Payed Software I use / or need:
first of all: a good Database

  • I loved Handbase, but development only kept on for apple, unluckily it worked worse with every new android release - I also experienced data-loss :frowning:
  • MobiDB is actually the alternative I use, but I don’t want to upload my data to the cloud. It works, but is no real replacement for handbase, I don’t trust the cloud-connection and I want a pay-once no abo!
  • Poweramp is my prefered Audio-player - I need a way to use it without google play or a good alternative
  • Wetteronline better in payed version
  • DWD Warnwetter only makes sense with payed version
    (Windy might be an alternative for both)
    I like those better than standard apps:
  • DW contacts
  • Business calender (etar alone could be an option)

I would be happy for the moment if I could use /e/ with google-play account at least and use my payed apps - would make it much easier to block traffic to google servers.
I also like the possibility to set location manually. I’m used to lineage - so not that much new for me.

I would appreciate tipps to replace my payed apps in order to get rid of using google acount.

Database Designer looks pretty good at first glance - no ads, free only donations - I’ll test it

The quickest way will be a spreadsheet.
I transferred data of 4 DBs into an excel-Sheet
and I found the App Planmaker working very well with it.

Still struggling with Titanium Backup - didn’t get PRO-features yet to a device running /e/ (SM-G900D) Samsung S5 duos despite feedback to developper. Installing via browser-login was not succesfull…

Meanwhile, I am running /e/OS R Stable on my FP3+
Installed with the Easy Installer which went very smoothly.

So today I deleted my Google account permanently :partying_face:

Thanks to everyone at the for making this possible. :+1:

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