Reboot after installing on my SIII i9305

I’ve flash my SIII i9305. All the steps are passed. At the first boot I’ve an error,“HTP Host has stopped- close app”
After that all seems good, except the IMEI number lost!!
but 60 sec after the screen off the phone reboot,… start, screen on,… screnn off,… 60sec… restart…
the phone no freeze or something like this, i can use it
When I (re)flash the LineageOs 14.1 all the functions are ok
Someone have an idea?


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Same Problem here on I9305. Any suggestions?

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Try an absolutely clean installation

Did so once more, same result. Behaviour: Did not touch it after first boot, welcome screen, message “MTP host has stopped”, wait, black screen, exactly 65sec reboot after black screen. Repeatingly.

Try: Back to StockROM Android Kitkat 4.4.4, install TWRP and /e/ OS ROM (the whole procedure again from the beginning).

Thanks. Your link contains no procedure how to switch back to Stock. I mean how to get the phone back to state of delivery?

The link points to a successful scenario via Back to StockROM.

The easiest way is to flash StockROM for Samsung devices with Odin3.

Thanks. No restarts anymore but now two process messages at startup: “MTP host has stopped” and “ has stopped”. Any suggestions?

Further message after selecting language “Deutsch”: “Calendar has stopped”.

In screen “Datum und Uhrzeit” switching without any tab to black screen with e and the jumping point, endless, without any further reaction.
Reboot and totally weird behaviour, closing app messages, screen blinking. I would no improvement to the restarts before, unfortunately. Seems to be very very beta on this phone.

The GT-I9305 isn’t available to me as hardware. So I cannot verify scenarios. I’m not familiar with this behavior and the failure messages from other Samsung devices. I can’t give further solutions from a distance.

You could publish the issues on giblab and hope for their removal. Or you could try older versions of LineageOS, e. g. 14.1-20171108-NIGHTLY-i9305 or 14.1-20180624-UNOFFICIAL-i9305 or lineage-14.1-20171218-microG-i9305.