Received a Contacts (email) sync error message

Today received Contact sync error. Where should I send the debug report?

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Me too.
And nothing syncs with either eDrive or nextcloud.

Glad I am not the only one. Looks like needs to make some header changes:

Not related to contacts issue but wonder if there has been a cyber attack?

Shared this issue with the infra team. The contact sync error was resolved. In case you are still getting the errors, suggest you create a GitLab issue with logs, which will help the team with the debugging.
The headers do not seem to be related to the sync errors. Appears to be more of a best practice suggestion. We will have it added in one of the upcoming sprints. To further clarify, it is generally used by site-admins to allow access to features like accessing camera, microphone, geo location etc. As neither spot nor ecloud directly requires accessing any of these features, we never looked into adding it.

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