Receiving double or triple MMS

Using the standard SMS/MMS app I noticed receiving MMS dobble or triple time with a delay of maybe 12 or 24 hour.

Anyone having the same issues?

I’m using eos on a fairpone3

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Try for few days to switch to Signal client, to verify at least if the problem is related to the standard SMS/MMS application; maybe is a provider issue

What would be the difference between signal and Threema or WhatsApp?
I have no friends on Signal and this would be over internet.
Or do I misunderstanding you?

I said Signal just to say a replacement app.
Personally I use Signal merely to manage SMS, because I have not lots of contacts on it, only two!

Signal unifies its own internet based comms and SMS in a single app. By installing Signal and making it the default SMS app you will be able to determine if your problem is caused by the SMS app you are currently using or if it is caused by the cell network provider.

OK I didn’t know that signal could be used as standard SMS app.
I will give it a try. Thankd

Signal also has its own backup mechanism that, if you activate it, will create an encrypted file in your phone’s memory (/Signal/backups) once a day, but keep only two days.
I have almost 30.000 SMS and the created file is about 10 MB

I was reading an artikel about signal on wikipedia

It says that SMS and MMS are not available anymore. I haven’t tried yet but it would be the opposite of what you wrote

I don’t speak Deutsche so I didn’t understood the screenshot, but I have just sent an sms to a friend, and my client is updated

Just updated Signal. SMS function is still there.

Great I just installed it. I will test it for the next couple of days. Thanks a lot for the help

Don’t think it helped. I made signal my main SMS MMS app. Today I received again for the third time a MMS that my wife send me while I was using the standard app four days ago. I received it today on signal again.

That’s why I think the problem has to do with the native app.

Since signal is installed less than 24h. I did not received anything doppel or twice that I send from signal.

Hope this make sence not easy to explain in English.

It sounds like the problem is with either your phone service provider or something at your wife’s side of things. Do you get repeated messages from other people or only from your wife? I don’t think the problem is at your end.

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I totally agree with Vaughan!
It could be a your wife’s provider issue.
Try to send yourself some test MMS, especially now that you are using a different SMS/MMS client, or at least ask to someone to do it.

For example, here in Italy mms is no longer used by anyone because everyone uses whatsapp to send photos or videos, and often many people don’t even have the active configuration to receive them on their smartphone… and then it costs a lot!

(By the way, I remember that years ago, I had a lot of problems with send/receive mms, but it was in the 2g/3g world only :-D. )

It happened with different contacts. But only MMS that I received or send with the original SMS MMS app of e.
Messages that I received or send with signal or signal as a SMS MMS service did not result in double or triple receive

So, it seems that you have to use Signal :wink:
Keep in mind that /e/ Os is still a beta system (0.9 version), and sometimes we have to accept some little compromises like this.
Ciao! :wave:

These statements seem to contradict each other. If the first is correct then I stand by

If the second is correct then, yes, the default SMS app is likely the cause. In either case I’d recommend using Signal (and encouraging others to do so) in the hope that nasty, insecure SMS and expensive MMS eventually go the way of the dinosaurs.