Recent app button


I was struggling with recent app button behaviour. It was not working properly, toggling between two apps instead of proposing a list of all my recent apps… Very annoying…
I found a workaround, it’s to limit the number of apps in background. It’s fine now.

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Pl can you share more details as to which device and which /e/ build are you using.

Hi, Samsung GS7 build 0.8-2020041549770

Hi, are you sure you set everything correctly in Settings > System > Buttons ?
It sounds like you touched a setting and now instead of showing recent apps, it shows 2 apps (split screen).

Hi, the button is showing recent apps and after some time it’s only toggling between two apps . I tried and reset the settings. I think it’s because of the number of opened apps .I’m using the screen navigation tool bar as I don’t want to use physical buttons. Split screen is working fine.

Fyi low number of recent apps isn’t fixing the issue it seems it’s a screen toolbar problem.