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Hello everyone,

Is there an application or a setting for the phone application to recognize the caller, when the caller is not in our phonebook?

Google’s phone application recognizes business calls and spam, which is very useful. Is there an equivalent for/e/?

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I use NoPhoneSpam. This app allows recognizing incoming calls and filtering based on some rules. I allow only calls from my contacts but there are also other rules. When someone else calls you get a notification.

If you are using Orange network (or a NVMO using Orange), you can try their excellent application
May also work on other networks, with unknown functionalities :wink:

Developer says:
NoPhoneSpam is NOT intended as a feature-rich call-spam fighting app, but as a
replacement for Android’s missing call blocking feature. If you have Android 6+,
you don’t need this app, because call blocking should be supported natively!

Since most people have a higher than Android 5, I am wondering what benefits you see still using this app. What can’t be managed by the OS?

Ahm … where can I configure in the OS which calls should be blocked?

I only know by saving the number and then blocking. Maybe the developer meant some google solution. Nevermind then my question.

You find this in the “Do not disturb”-section, this is probably meant.

Hard to get there, the path is Settings → Notifications → Do not disturb → Persons → Calls and there you can choose some contacts or all or whatever.

My guess is: the hiddenness of this settings page is the reason why people don’t find it. The thread opener didn’t know this and I did also not.

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Thanks for all these replies !

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It works, but without access to the full Orange number database = for callers not in your contacts, the app does not show a name, but anyway highlights if it is an unwanted or telemarketing number (or nothing if it considers the number as approved = it was not previously classified as unwanted / telemarketing).

I cannot help with the configuration, I had it in a business phone with another OS.

With /e/ dialer, is it possible to have options of NoPhoneSpam or we have to use NoPhoneSpam as default dialer ?

NoPhoneSpam is not a dialer at all. It’s just a filter for callers. And as mihi said it’s not even needed, you can use the OS alone.

A disadvantage of using the OS is the long way to get to the settings. NoPhoneSpam is much faster there.