Recommendations for pre installed /e/Phones in US and Canada

Tmob is scrambling to free up spectrum for LTE/5G is my guess as to why they are fast pacing Boost 3G CDMA shutdown. Things are getting interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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In Canada Bell uses band N66 for 5G.

The hilarious thing is that while in the US they claim it’s necessary to gobble up old bandwidth from 2G and 3G to implement 5G, in the UK, 2G networks are still functioning.

They haven’t had to disconnect anyone using older technologies just to support new ones. And lol at ‘find a good carrier’. There are no good carriers here. All the infrastructure is privately owned by monopolistic data thieves, and smaller carriers like Mint, Purism, Calyx institute all have to go through the big guys.

It’s even worse here in Canada, prices are unmanageable. One of the many reasons I don’t use cellular.

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