Recommendations for pre installed /e/Phones in US and Canada

We are frequently asked to recommend /e/OS compatible phones in the US and Canada.

This list of recommendations is specifically for phones we sell though the eSolutions Shop

As you may be aware we sell our pre-installed /e/ Phones in EU, US , Canada and Australia

You can check the list of countries and phones available in each by scrolling on the drop down list in the navigation bar on the eSolutions Shop

Recommendations for the US and Canada

  • /e/-Fairphone FP3+ and FP3:
    :no_entry:Not recommended.

  • /e/-Gigaset GS290:
    :no_entry:Not recommended.

  • /e/-Galaxy S9+ and S9:
    :ok_hand:best choice.

Reasons why FP3+ and FP3 are shown as not recommended

:white_check_mark: Both FP3+ and FP3 are FCC certified.
:x: Lack all necessary network US and Canadian bands to guarantee there will be coverage everywhere.
:x: Fairphone has no repair or service centre in the US of Canada.
:x: Fairphone isn’t looking for partners (us) to sell to US and CA customers per the above reasons.

Note: a European user travelling to the US and Canada will be able to place calls if they are in an area where the right band is available

Reasons why GS290 is shown as not recommended

:x: The GS290 is NOT FCC certified.
:x: Lack the necessary network US and Canadian bands to guarantee coverage.
:x: Gigaset has no repair or service centre in the US of Canada.

Note: a European user travelling to the US and Canada will NOT be able to place calls as the phone lacks the required bands.

Recommended for the US and Canada

:ok_hand: /e/-Galaxy S9+ and S9:

All phone recommendations are based on information as available with us as of today. If our users have any information that contradicts this please share the same.

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While the S9/S9+ will work well in most areas they are a little less reliable in more rural areas here in the USA (at least on TMobile/its MVNOs as also verified here). I have driven 4 phones utilizing /e/ (S9, S9+, OnePlus 6T, Motorola G7+). For me (I am in more rural areas regularly) the OnePlus 6T and Motorola G7+ have been better because they support all TMobile bands. This advice might be different for AT&T/MVNOs as I haven’t tested this network.

HERE is some additional info.

One thing I dislike about the OP 6T and MOTO G7+ the ugly warning splash screens when booting due to the boatloader not being relocked after the flash. HERE IS HOW TO FIX . The S9/S9+ don’t have any if these ugly displays. My speculation leads me to think this is because of Samsung’s added Knox protections.

*Of course, if you want to use phones other than the S9/S9+ you will have to flash yourself. The majority of people will be good to go on the S phones from my experience.

*It would be great if anyone using AT&T/MVNOs could comment on that network. Edit: HERE you go


I believe the Terracube 2e would make a great option as it supports a lot of bands in the US and it can be had pretty cheaply. This gives newcomers the ability to test out /e/ OS without a large investment and not worry much with their carriers options. With the phone being so affordable, I could see it being appealing to not just for the everyday user, but also for business user. The business users can take advantage of the dual sim card slots available as well as micro sd card support. Given the price of the phone, it may encourage them to sign up for the higher tiers of the cloud storage as overall it’s still not a large investment.

Just my two cents,


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Seems similar to FairPhone but for the US market. It would be very cool to see a similar situation between Terracube and e. A ROM with a locked bootloader like FP and strong e support would be great!

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Can’t speak to Canada but as far as the US is concerned, Motorola phones are much easier to unlock then Samsung and, after trying LineageOS and AOKP, /e/ has been the most stable ROM on my Moto G4. An even larger plus is that /e/ for G4 is still being maintained, while it has been largely abandoned by the other ROM providers. Frankly, I can’t recommend /e/ enough. I have even toyed with the idea of purchasing Motorola phones, installing /e/ and selling them (with some compensation for my time) on EBay, although I don’t know if that would be kosher.