Recommended Authenticator App?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an authenticator app that works well with /e/ and doesn’t use Google?

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I use FreeOTP+ from F-Droid. I assume it’s also available in /e/'s Apps store.


Is it interchangeable with other authenticators? I would like to set it up with Lastpass, and the options they have listed are: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Toopher, and Duo Security.

I use andOTP, also from f-droid. @Nifalti I’ve about 10 websites added (github, amazon,…) and I’ve not had any problem using it.

I guess you are asking about time based One Time Password managers.

This apps are “interchangeable” in the sense they get a time mark (current time) and process it with some key and algorithm to present a Code. As time, key and algorithm (there are several types) are common then the result (Code) is also the same.


I use Aegis (no tracker or logger detected so far) for it’s features :

  • easy migration from some well-known similar apps
  • backup/restore with a simple .xml file (useful when using multiple devices)
  • fingerprint secured
  • ability to display key “passwords”, so an entry can easily be manually copied to other apps supporting manual entry (for example

Did you ever succeed in get Lastpass Authenticator to work with eOS?

No, I never did, but I didn’t try either. I went with Aegis and I like it. It also worked with Lastpass, as authenticator apps are interchangeable.

I hope you are not still using Lastpass, though. See this post.