Recommended Authenticator App?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an authenticator app that works well with /e/ and doesn’t use Google?

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I use FreeOTP+ from F-Droid. I assume it’s also available in /e/'s Apps store.


Is it interchangeable with other authenticators? I would like to set it up with Lastpass, and the options they have listed are: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Toopher, and Duo Security.

I use andOTP, also from f-droid. @Nifalti I’ve about 10 websites added (github, amazon,…) and I’ve not had any problem using it.

I guess you are asking about time based One Time Password managers.

This apps are “interchangeable” in the sense they get a time mark (current time) and process it with some key and algorithm to present a Code. As time, key and algorithm (there are several types) are common then the result (Code) is also the same.

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I use Aegis (no tracker or logger detected so far) for it’s features :

  • easy migration from some well-known similar apps
  • backup/restore with a simple .xml file (useful when using multiple devices)
  • fingerprint secured
  • ability to display key “passwords”, so an entry can easily be manually copied to other apps supporting manual entry (for example