Recommended malware scanner

After the discussion about the trustworthiness of apk sources How secure is apkpure? I would be interested to know if anyone knows a good (FOSS) malware scanner for use in /e/OS. All suggestions are welcome!

When I have any concerns about some app, I upload its .apk file to the VirusTotal site to scan before installation.

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For the record, VirusTotal is owned by Google/Alphabet.

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I would like to second this request. There is another thread about this topic, which unfortunately hasn’t produced a solution: Antivirus for smartphone? I can hardly imagine that malware from websites, e-mails, files transferred from another device / SD card or downloads could do absolutely no harm to Android - today or in the future. For the record, with my old Google-infested device I used the free antivirus app from Kaspersky (changed names a few times, one of them is “Internet Security”). Never found anything, though.

I had Kaspersky on my Symbian S60 phone while I was in middle school. Running a malware scanning was just as fun as it was pointless. The difference is that in those days applications of this kind barely could send gigabytes of my personal data to unknown servers, by the way showing me a tons of ads.

If you are just interested in scanning Applications, you may check out LibreAV. It is FOSS, lightweight and can be downloaded via F-Droid.