Recorder and voice messages management


I have a Samsung S7 shipped with /e/ that I used for almost 2 years now.
There was something out of the box very useful in the “Phone” application, a fourth tab with a tape-recorder icon, called (I guess) “Recorder”, within which I could directly manage the voice messages people gave me when I missed a call.

A few month ago, I changed my operator and so set up a new SIM card. With this new SIM card, the fourth tab is not visible anymore, I have only the 3 other ones. I really miss this feature.

I first thought it was something with the settings of the “recorder” app, as the number to call my message box has changed with the operator. But the only recorder app I find on the phone is the “Recorder” that record screens and sounds, I don’t think it is related.

I have search for other settings, but without success for now… I don’t get why something like that would be related to a SIM card.

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I think you’re referring to “VoiceMail”.
As far as I know, it’s related to network operator : I got it only with Orange, which offers me to store voicemail message as digital files.

Yes, maybe, I’m not sure of the translation :slight_smile:
In French, both were “Magnetophone”

Just to be sure, is that it? ?

Yes, but on my phone the tabs are on top, not on bottom !

That may have changed across /e/ release, I’m running 0.18.2 /e/ Q …

As of your first question, some french operators offer the choice to change voicemail notification method in your options (by calling your voicemail or on their web site).

Thanks, I looked at option on the website, and found this…

So it seems SFR is charging for this option while my former operator (even discount) were not :frowning:

At least, this time SFR will advertise that this a paid option before you can activate it :wink: