Recurrent tasks within the day (drug prescription)

Hi all.

Say you have a quite complicate drug prescription, like X on the morning for 3 days, then Y four times a day for 20 days and Z daily twice for one week.

Is it possible to use the app tasks for this purpose ?

It seems not, but it would be a good feature!

iOS or OSX 10.9 had this feature… but completed tasks were accumulated :smile:

There is a possible workaround with Calendar but there is no option to check a box when it is done (delete the occurence of the event ?)

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Maybe Calendula (Manage medical prescription) -
Available from f-droid.

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Thanks @tyxo and @come_744. I will check calendula, which apparently do not have trackers as from tracker control. Calendula was not easy to spot (or even absent) on health and sport section of Fdroid. It is present also on Apps from /e/

To test for trackers I recommend

Exodus (Show trackers and permissions from other installed apps) -
ClassyShark3xodus - Scan apps for trackers (Scan apps for trackers) -
App Manager - Android package manager (A full-featured open source package manager for android.) -

P.S.: it is an exception if an app from f-droid has a tracker.

+Caution: in the /e/app store, apps are shown without trackers when they are not checked yet. The distinction between “we do not know what is in this app for now” and “this app is ok” is missing.