Red cross for close apps

hi, all
i did a little research about it on the forum

well, it’s my first smartphone, i was having a stuff that do well its little job of phone and everybody was happy…

then, i bought me a fairphone FP2 and i’ve install /e/ onto immediately

but, i’am in hell, not because /e/ is problematics, but because there’s no cross to shutdoxn an app after have use it… and the droid process to it is nicely ennoying, or simpaticlay disapointing :wink:

the feature i need, that i want, that i hope, that certainly the whole universe of the android-ggogle park would like to have, is first the right to close an app just-in-time, as in a “normal” operating system with a kind of windows, openable, then imprativaly closable…

no i’m not gonna die… but… how is that possible, to let apps open in background like this ?

but i’m on - e-0.18-r - for fairphone, downloaded and installed the 09/09/2021 (tree days ago)

may some stuffs here and there in the functioning or smartphones do ever escapes me :wink:

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Reading your message, I assume you use the Gesture navigation scheme (no virtual buttons at bottom of screen ,just an horizontal bar).

To close a background app, drag up the horizontal bar, then choose the app to close (left-right), and finally drag it up.
At very left of windows list, you will find a “Clear all” virtual button.

You may want to try the 3-Buttons navigation mode : search “System navigation” in Settings.
In this mode, windows list is available with the square virtual button.

You can also use Kaspersky Battery Life to stop apps (it’s in Apps store).
You can deny this app Data permission :wink:

Hi @tokamac it is odd, is it not! No close button.

That is how it is in Android!

If you open an app, just be prepared to “Close all running apps”, then start again.

Maybe you will get used to it. :slight_smile:

hey, i’vn’t went there to heard… it’s android systeme stupid… we must respect what the lord told us, as you’re father before you, and you’re grand-fatther too… do not change nothing

close button are essential to stop immediatly an app, and preserve data “at home”… it’s not an arbitral question… it’s a basic security question that google decided to remove… it should, it must come back ona fork wich “precisely” is ungoogled (well not eveywhere it seems)

First things first, here’s something mentioned recently …

To be more precise … make the Developer options visible by tapping Settings - About phone - Build number a few times until you are being declared a developer, then enable Settings - System - Advanced - Developer options - Kill app back button.

It’s not perfect, it seems killed Apps stay in the App list you get with the square button, which looks odd, but they are closed. Try to open them, they start from scratch, they don’t return from the simply inactive state they are in when they are not closed.

Else …

Yet you seem pretty sure you know enough to specify that some feature has to work in a certain way on a smartphone for the whole universe of something or other. Does that go well together?

But you are basically saying Android should have respected what the lord desktop OS told it (Thou shalt keep my button to close an App!).
You want to have change when it suits you, and you want to have no change when it suits you. Fair enough, who doesn’t? But no need to be overly dramatic about it.

I guess many users including me had a little “Oh! So they are not much into closing Apps in these parts.” moment when having their first Android (or smartphone) experience, and you are not alone in wanting a close button, but that doesn’t automatically mean your demands would be met with unanimous agreement, or that you would even be in a majority.

And why would that be? It could just be no big deal for many others, and it could be that OSes (not only Android) could point to technical reasons (which might of course be a made up pretense hiding the respective sinister plot of the season, if you don’t like those technical reasons) … example:

If you assume an App does malicious things when it is un-closed in the background, how do you assume it does no malicious things when you are using it in the foreground? It’s the same App, the same code running on your phone.

I think if you are using an App you believe you would have to absolutely stop to preserve data “at home”, it’s not the OS having the problem. It’s the App or it’s you.

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I think the main problem in this discussion is that the OP didn’t understand the function of the square button and the handling of the following screen. As I already told here: the swipe-up gesture for closing an app is not very intuitive and hard to guess. A visible control like an “x” in a corner of the shown apps would be way more intuitive for the beginner (and also very easy to implement).

I can’t imagine why developers make very simple things complicated – that’s a silly, unneeded and superfluous fashion in mobile development, however, it’s often seen. At first something must be cool (and different), usability is only second.

And, developers, when you are not sure which way to implement something … let the damned user decide, implement options for that. That’s usability! If someone really likes to swipe up let him swipe. But I would prefer the “x”.

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I don’t get this impression in this particular case, but in general you have a point.

Not to forget that it can change, too. I remember a time when the App list in Android was vertical, and you had to swipe to the side. Might even be dependent on the launcher?
Well, adapting to change and challenges keeps the brain fit to some degree (or so I hope) :slight_smile: .

We can certainly agree on that.
The problem then shifts to keeping things organised and simple enough for users who feel overwhelmed by too many options, but it should be easier to organise things which are there than to miss things which are not there.

Was it so? Can’t remember. I never did this, not a single time. My brain did never connect a swipe gesture for closing or deleting something [1]. A swipe is somehow more a move, I can swipe a sheet of paper from my desk but then it’s still existent. In the old GUI I rather used the “x”, but in the very most cases I took the Close All button above because I didn’t want to wait on the 2s delayed "x"s to appear in the overlapping list.

[1] I know about messengers, e-mail and dating apps

Before Android 9 Pie, says the internet if you search for android vertical recent apps.

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well, reading, what you say, all…
one you can swip up to close apps… and it’s a first great point for me…
two, at first its seems “clear and practicle”, but is that “so” shure to have closed it ever…
the disparition of the apps after have clicked on a “x” seems me more clear/obvious

at, why to be forced to chose betwen one or one another way to do it… when an optional way is certainly not so difficult to implement… cross or not not cross, why to have to choice, and made suffer the rest of the world which like the other way ?

jst i like it clear on problematics apps (and others, by the way)