Redirected internet address

How does this feature work? I’ve enabled the “Hide my real internet address” feature to a random country, but when I go to one of the on-line sites to “find my IP address” my actual IP address is being returned.

What am I missing?


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Did you wait a little bit? When I active it there’s a short message informing that it may take some time.
And did it enabled the necessary VPN for you? In quick settings it should show the VPN like that:

Thanks so much for you kind reply. Yes, I’ve been playing around with the feature a little bit and it does seem to work, but I’m still confused as to what the Advanced Privacy “key” does in quick settings. Turning it off and then navigating over to the actual settings page, it appears the key features (IP masking, GeoLocation Masking and Tracking Blocker) are still turned on. What is happening when I turn the Advanced Privacy feature on and off from the notifications menu?

Thanks again,