REDMI 4x can't go back to twrp after installing /e/


I have two redmi 4x, one new. I would like to copy everything from the old one to the new one.
The new is ready but, with the old one I can’t access to the twrp recovery since the installation of /e/. It’s from twrp that I would like to do my full back up, but I can’t access to this tool.

When I go recovery (abd reboot recovery or shortcuts), I arrive to a dark screen with a picture of the redmi connected and “” instead of twrp.

An idea to solve that small problem ?

Bonjour j’ai deux redmi 4x dont un nouvea. Je voudrais copier tout l’ancien sur le nouveau. Le nouveau est prêt mais l’ancien n’arrive plus à se connecter à twrp depuis l’installation de /e/. C’est par twrp que je voudrais exporter une sauvegarde complète du téléphone mais j’ai n’ai plus acès à l’outil.

Quand je vais sur le recovery, au lieu de twrp, je tombe sur une image du redmi 4x connecté et cette adresse

Une piste de solution-explication éventuelle ?

Réintaller twrp ? Est-ce sur ?

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You probably have the original Xiaomi recovery, don’t know why :wink:

You have 2 solutions :

  • install TWRP from bootloader (Fastboot mode) as instructed here (I think it’s safe) : (Fastboot Install Method)
  • boot temporary to TWRP from bootloader (Fastboot mode), using for example fastboot boot c:\adb\twrp-3.5.1_9-0-santoni.img, assuming the TWRP image is in C:\adb. That’s the way I used to test the new TWRP image last week :slight_smile:
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Thank you, I think too, but don’t you thing there is a risk for my actuel /e/ install to put back TWRP (first solution) ?

Second question, I can use twrp without installing it ? It could be nice and smart ! It works the same for a back up ?

Installing TWRP is part of /e/ installation (, so there is no problem at all with installing TWRP on a /e/ phone :slight_smile:

If fact, excluding the OTA automated update, /e/ and Recovery have no relationship and you can use any recovery image you want (your phone is a proof of that :wink: ). they simply “ignore” each other.
Recovery is a autonomous system, not participating in “normal” system operation.
And it’s the same both ways (Recovery don’t need a “normal” system installed to work).
The only link between /e/ and Recovery is OTA update : /e/ will use some kind of scripted TWRP activities to achieve update.
I personally switched between some recovery images for testing, no side effect on /e/ unless I didn’t use the OTA update.

Booting temporary to TWRP is exactly meant for that : you can boot to TWRP from the .img file, but nothing is written on your phone :slight_smile: (you actual recovery remains untouched).
I didn’t try backuping from this one-time TWRP boot. I could try but it will take time, as I’ll have to install another recovery on my phone to reproduce your situation.
As far as I know, when using TWRP this way it can mount partitions, so it should be enough to backup them.
In short : try it, if anything fails you will see it looking at backup messages within TWRP :wink: