Redmi 7A - error installing /e/ wipe-super

It’s been some days I try to install /e/ my Redmi 7A, but when I follow the instructions I have this message error when I try to flash the empty image with the code

fastboot wipe-super super_empty.img

Error message:
[liblp] bool android::fs_mgr::ReadMetadataHeader(Reader *, LpMetadata *) read failed: No error fastboot: error: Could not parse image: super_empty.img

Here you have some informations:

  • I am doing it over a Windows 11;
  • adb version is 34.0.1-9680074;
  • fastboot version is 34.0.1-9680074;
  • version of lineage tested: lineage-20.0-20230308-nightly-Mi439, lineage-20.0-20230315-nightly-Mi439 and lineage-20.0-20230322-nightly-Mi439-signed.

I can’t find any help on internet. May someone help with? I have no ideia what it could be…

I do not have experience of this device, but this issue is likely caused by /e/OS is not reliably cross referencing the correct super_empty.img.

Here is an answer for a LineageOS post for a different device

The issue was FIXED by reinstalling stock Xiaomi Mi 8 SE image in this case:
Then redoing all the steps in the LineageOS link fixed the problem.
IMPORTANT: Always use the same super_empty.img for the lineage build which you are using.

The quote above the OP is answering his own question.

Now to your problem

Reference Install /e/OS on a Xiaomi Redmi 7A / 8 / 8A / 8A Dual - “Mi439”

/e/OS is directing you to the latest images for LineageOS nightly builds.
/e/OS is a fork of Lineage but it might well lag LineageOS nightly builds by a month or more.

If you happened to be using the ROM this has an /e/OS build date of 2023-03-12 (you see it in the filename) – however even the oldest download available from Index of /pub/lineageos/full/Mi439 has the date 2023-03-01. I expect this is still too new, but as you do not record having tested it, it might be worth trying that one – but this still a rather random way of trying get the correct match, as there is no reason for a Lineage nightly build being built at the appropriate date for /e/OS users.

We really need to find a way for /e/ to have these required files saved on /e/'s own servers.

Solved! I had to use an older version of fastboot, the 33.0.3.