Redmi 7A - error installing /e/ wipe-super

It’s been some days I try to install /e/ my Redmi 7A, but when I follow the instructions I have this message error when I try to flash the empty image with the code

fastboot wipe-super super_empty.img

Error message:
[liblp] bool android::fs_mgr::ReadMetadataHeader(Reader *, LpMetadata *) read failed: No error fastboot: error: Could not parse image: super_empty.img

Here you have some informations:

  • I am doing it over a Windows 11;
  • adb version is 34.0.1-9680074;
  • fastboot version is 34.0.1-9680074;
  • version of lineage tested: lineage-20.0-20230308-nightly-Mi439, lineage-20.0-20230315-nightly-Mi439 and lineage-20.0-20230322-nightly-Mi439-signed.

I can’t find any help on internet. May someone help with? I have no ideia what it could be…

I do not have experience of this device, but this issue is likely caused by /e/OS is not reliably cross referencing the correct super_empty.img.

Here is an answer for a LineageOS post for a different device

The issue was FIXED by reinstalling stock Xiaomi Mi 8 SE image in this case:
Then redoing all the steps in the LineageOS link fixed the problem.
IMPORTANT: Always use the same super_empty.img for the lineage build which you are using.

The quote above the OP is answering his own question.

Now to your problem


/e/OS is directing you to the latest images for LineageOS nightly builds.
/e/OS is a fork of Lineage but it might well lag LineageOS nightly builds by a month or more.

If you happened to be using the ROM this has an /e/OS build date of 2023-03-12 (you see it in the filename) – however even the oldest download available from has the date 2023-03-01. I expect this is still too new, but as you do not record having tested it, it might be worth trying that one – but this still a rather random way of trying get the correct match, as there is no reason for a Lineage nightly build being built at the appropriate date for /e/OS users.

We really need to find a way for /e/ to have these required files saved on /e/'s own servers.

Solved! I had to use an older version of fastboot, the 33.0.3.

for people with the same problem you need to use a linux distribution (ubuntu for example) or macOS. because there a bug with fastboot for windows (confirmed by myself). so i believe testing different versions of fastboot you can find some version that works but i’d try the last version of fastboot (today is fastboot 35) and it didnt work. but using fastboot in a linux distribution through “live usb” make the things work fine.