Redmi 8 compatibility

Yo, I’m new here and I want to address something about the installation process.
In a few days I’m getting a hand-me-down Redmi 8 (not Note) as a replacement for my previous phone that died from unrelated causes.
I’ve been told by the owner that MIUI is chock full of ads so I want to install /e/OS on it. I checked the compatible devices list and saw that my new device is nowhere in it.
Has it been tested before? Will I face any issues during installation?

Thanks in advance!

Redmi 8 olive.

At the XDA forum:

Lineage lists the device as Mi439:

Lineage for microG publishes a ROM, Android (T) LineageOS 20:

The device tree is available which should allow an /e/OS build

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Thank you! I’ll do more research next time!

It’s actually already supported by /e/, no need for end users to mess with LineageOS builds and device trees.

It’s just a bit difficult to find because if you search for “Redmi 8” or “olive” on the list of supported devices, it doesn’t show up because the listing is "Redmi 7A / 8 / 8A / 8A Dual “Mi439"”, and the search function filter algorithm is not smart enough to find that.

If the olive version is anything like the olivelite version (same processor and ROM), I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s like a brand new phone and several magnitudes faster than it ever was with MIUI, not to mention spy- and bloatware free and it even gets security updates again to an extent.


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