Redmi 8 support

Good evening,

First, Thanks to all developers that are creating this amazing project!

I discovered this project recently, so I saw the list of compatible devices and I saw Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, I did the mistake to order a Redmi 8 (not note), so my question is, Can I install /e/ in this model?

The easy installer 0.13 says is not supported…

There are another way?

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As stated here, codename is olive.
It is not officially supported by /e/ or LineageOS.
However there are some alternative ROM, including a LOS 16, so build should be possible.
Note : there is a LOS 18 source tree.

Thank you very much for your reply, so I see /e/ doesn’t support, so I was interested in a google free OS, any recommendation?

Sorry, none I’m aware of :frowning:
All ROM @ XDA are AOSP : without some Google apps, but not Google-free …

…crDroid is LOS-based:

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